Fortnite Pro Resolve Template for TikTok: FortUI Pro

Stop wasting time trying to make your Fortnite clips look good on TikTok! FortUI Pro for DaVinci Resolve is an effect that saves you time by automatically organizing your in-game UI to make your clips easy to view on TikTok and other social platforms! Make sure your viewers know just how low your health was before you pulled off that squad wipe, without cutting away or obstructing gameplay! Features a Facecam option for in-capture facecam!


"I use the FortUI and ApexUI pro and OMG this has made my editing easier and my content look so much better. I am 100% satisfied with both UIs would recommend this to anyone who makes content." -KarebearXp

"Great product and easy to use, on top of insane super helpful support team" -GusGod

"...since figuring it all out 40 min ago ive cranked out 3 vids, seriously so helpful. I love it" -TeamPlayerTy


  • Support for clips in 16:9 aspect ratios
  • Support for Battle Royale and No Build HUD formats
  • Add, remove, and adjust placement of UI elements as needed. All elements keyframable!
  • 5 different views for gameplay
    • Small (no Crop)
    • Half (Square Crop)
    • Full (9:16 Crop)
    • SuperZoom
    • Facecam
  • Blurred background with blur adjustment
  • BONUS Livestream mattes for both No Build and Battle Royale for use in vertical video livestreaming software

No support for Adobe Premiere Pro at this time

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Fortnite Pro Resolve Template for TikTok: FortUI Pro

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